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1). David Beckham Has Been Crowned The Sexiest Man Alive

Official it is, David Beckham has received the People’s Magazine lucrative crown of the sexiest man to be still living. To be precise, the famous former footballer is as we speak the ” sexiest man who can still be found alive”. If there is any other, he must be probably dead! From goal scoring to this, wow, Beckham must be riding top of this world’s entertainment arena.

Beckham has successfully out-seated Huntsman Heartthrob Chris Hemsworth from a position the latter has held since 2004. Being 40 and still soaring to greater heights, Beckham seems to be a real enigma in the entertainment and celebrity chronicles. However, it must be acknowledged that not many people saw this coming. In the contenders’ list were, The Martian Star Matt Damon, Jurassic World Lead Chris Pratt and Beast of No Nation’s Idris Elba. For sure, Beckham must have really gotten a run for his money! His success, to some people, can only be described as quite stealthily achieved.

Nonetheless, to many of his fans, his crowning came as no surprise. In the years before his retirement from active football, before 2013, he had won a total of 19 outstanding trophies, played fantastically in three World Cup tournaments, besides being the first Englishman to have won league titles while playing in four different countries. Amazing, right? Moreover, Beckham owns Modern Essentials, a menswear collection. To many who adore him, he is not a greenhorn in the space of success. How he balances all these and still stands out as a sex figure and a perfect husband to his wife, Victoria, and father to his 4-year old Romeo, 10-year old Cruz, 13-year old Harper and 16-year old Brooklyn is just fascinating!

2). The U.S President, Barack Obama Admits He Has Problems Remembering ” Game of Thrones” Names, As Well.

The United States president, Barack Obama, has acknowledged that he too could not remember all the names of the characters in the most watched show ” Game of Thrones”! In a rather laughable interview, Barack said that the problem with the show was that he could not recount the names of any of the main characters. He however said that when he watches the show, he could guess precisely what would happen next.

Even after watching all the action, the deaths, nudity and the unfolding violence, the U.S president admitted he would fail a test seeking a review of the show’s characters. Successfully, though, the current U.S’s first gentleman finds it very easy to shout the name Jon Snow! Anyway, to many lovers of the show, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the president couldn’t remember the character’s names, since is also obvious with many! For to be precise, just as many of the show’s lovers, the commander-in-chief cares less about the characters too!

David Merck, the transient man who is alleged to have attacked and threatened to kill one of the stars on NCIS, Pauley Perrette last week has been charged, ET can confirm.

The man could face up to four years in prison if found guilty of attacking the 46- year-old actress.

According to a representative from Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Merck purportedly grabbed Pauley Perrette, punched her and threatened to kill her before running off.

The man was arrested about an hour later and was on Monday charged with one offense count each of making a criminal threat and false imprisonment by violence.

In an interview with ET, Pauley said that she had cried all night after the attack.

She told ET that she drew the picture of the attacker after letting her go since she had no camera.

“I took a pen and I immediately, in shock, like drew a picture of the guy, ’cause I didn’t have a camera,” Pauley added. “The guy looks exactly like the thing that I drew.”

In the meantime, Pauley was spotted going to church on Sunday. Pauley, who supports efforts to help the homeless, also proclaimed her forgiveness for the man who assaulted her.

This Tuesday, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History welcomed a new exhibit- the showstopper item of the exhibit being crystal meth.

Faux crystal meth, that is. Famous faux crystal meth. The three bags of crystal meth were just some of the memorabilia donated to the Smithsonian from the prop stash of the hit television show, Breaking Bad. Other memorabilia donated to the Museum included the yellow lab suits and gas masks worn by the two main characters during their meth producing endeavors, and the famous “Heisenberg” hat worn by the show’s beloved star, Walter White.

Breaking Bad follows the story of Walter White (Brian Cranston), a teacher who turns meth manufacturer after learning he has terminal lung cancer. The show’s stunningly crafted plot of suspense and intrigue wracked the entertainment world with new viewership records.

While the Breaking Bad props will not be on public display until 2018, the entertainment world is already abuzz with excitement.

The Hollywood entertainment industry has recently been shocked by the report that a famous and in demand Hollywood actor is inflicted by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). This 50-year-old actor is none other than Charlie Sheen. The report can be read in the National Enquirer.

Regarding with this report, the actor was invited by the “Today Show” to clear everything about this particular report, and it was said that Sheen will only reveal the truth in this show. In case the report happens to be true, Sheen may face some serious problems. Aside from serious health condition, he may also face serious litigation that his former sexual partners may file on the court. The worse part is, the actor may pay a considerable amount of charges for this, especially if he had not told his partners about his serious condition before having sex with them.

This is another serious dilemma Charlie Sheen is facing right now after going through issues in the past regarding with his acting career.

The attacks on Paris that occurred early this week have left the world in a state of quiet shock, and the entertainment industry is no exception.

Hollywood studios have announced that in reaction to the devastating events in Paris, they are toning down their glitz and glamour and scaling back on some of the year’s most anticipated red carpet events. Lionsgate studios have revealed that they will be canceling the interviews planned for the premier of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. From U2 to the Foo Fighters, bands who had scheduled European concert stops have opted to cancel the appearances. Even CBS Television has taken action: the station has shelved an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles that featured the Islamic State Group’s recruiting of a young woman.

The horrific events of Paris have brought entertainers everywhere together in a rally of support and solidarity. This undying respect was best expressed during the most recent episode Saturday Night Live. Instead of opening the show with its regular sketch comedy, SNL opted to begin with a monologue that addressed the atrocities that had occurred.

“Paris,” spoke cast member Cecily Strong, “is the City of Light, and here in New York, we know that light will never go out.”